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Erica Phillips received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Texas Christian University and a Master’s of Education, specializing in Christian School Administration, from SAGU.
Professionally, Erica has 19 years of business experience, including entrepreneurship, management, and executive leadership.
She has been married for 15 years, and has four children. The Phillips family has been in the University-Model® since 2016.

A Note from the Founder and Administrator

I am so grateful for your interest in Mercy Preparatory Academy. As the founder and administrator, I am deeply passionate about our school and its ability to meet students where they are and partner with parents to help students fulfill their God-given calling. This model is not only academically rigorous and supportive of an ecumenical community, but gives parents the time to be actively involved in their students’ educational experience.

Our model results in excellence by allowing the co-teacher to dive deeper into specific subjects or spend extra time where needed. Who better understands the needs of the student than the parent? By requiring students from elementary through secondary to be held accountable for their educational success we create a mindset of responsibility and self-reliance.

We hope you will prayerfully consider joining Mercy Preparatory Academy to meet your educational needs.


Erica Phillips