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The Investment

At Mercy Preparatory Academy, we know that we cannot simply monetize the value of both a quality education and a partnership with parents. We are mindful of the impact tuition has on the family’s fiscal resources and are diligent in keeping tuition expenses low (often half of traditional private schools) while maximizing the educational experience.

Grade 1st Student 2nd Student 3rd+ Student
Pre-K4 $4,200 N/A N/A
K $4,400 $4,180 $3,960
1st-2nd $5,150 $4,893 $4,635
3rd-6th $5,350 $5,083 $4,815
7th-8th $7,400 $7,030 $6,660
9th-12th $7,900 $7,505 $7,110
Muiltiple Student Discount 5% 10%

Financial Commitments when beginning with Mercy Preparatory Academy


$75 (per student) application fee, non-refundable.

$150 (per student) annual registration fee, non-refundable.

Enrollment Deposit:

$250 (per student), non-refundable, due within 10 days of submission of enrollment packet, and applied towards tuition.

Family Capital Investment:

$300 (per student), non-refundable, paid within 10 days of receiving offer of admission. Once the Family Capital Investment has been paid, the family will receive information to enroll their student.

Transparent Tuition Rates

Mercy Preparatory Academy prides itself on fiscal transparency. The tuition rates are explicit in their inclusion of a full-day class schedule and class photos.  Fees are limited and clearly expressed.  Mercy Preparatory Academy is committed to avoiding hidden fees or unexpected charges.* Additionally, families receive multi-student and prepayment discounts.

*Friday electives (outside of full course load), clubs, and sports are available for an additional investment. Consumable materials, textbooks, and uniforms are purchased separately.

Family Capital Investment

The Family Capital Investment is to be paid when a family first enrolls its child(ren) and is a one-time-only, non-refundable charge for each student enrolled in the school. The Family Capital Investment is applied toward the purchase of curricula, maintenance costs associated with our lease agreement, as well as toward the eventual purchase of a single-use facility and/or additional physical resources such as technology purchases.

Credits & Discounts

Multiple Student Discount
Child 2 – 5%, Child 3+ – 10%
1st Child is student with highest tuition, followed by next highest, and so on.
Prepay Discount
Payment in full at time of enrollment.
Not subject to any discounts.