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Mission and Vision


Mercy Preparatory Academy partners with parents to cultivate future leaders by giving students a well-rounded experience of faith, family, education, and service in an ecumenical setting.

We are committed to supporting families in their quest to impart a biblical worldview to their students to create strong Christian leaders who love God, love others, and serve joyfully. Our focus is to not only assist students in achieving their academic goals, but to also prepare them for their calling from God.


Mercy Preparatory Academy will leave a lasting legacy not only with our graduates who will leave our school with strong discipleship principles, but also with our community who will greatly benefit from a school that is focused on loving and serving those around them.


  • Small class sizes, elementary max at 16:1 ratio.
  • While our goal is rigorous academics, we believe that education should also have a positive, direct impact on character development.
  • 95% of University-Model® students attend college.
  • We offer a well-rounded education that guides children towards their calling.  We believe that all children have a unique path to follow.  With a spirit of diversity and inclusivity, we strive to offer support for every child’s path whether their education leads them toward a traditional college experience or a career in the trades.